Of Chicken Thighs and Breakfast Burritos

That’s right. I’m back to chicken again. I found myself buying five chicken thighs in a packet at my grocery store this week. Before batch cooking took hold of me, I would have brought them home, cooked one or two, and have frozen the rest. But NO MORE!

This time I cooked all five thighs the day I bought them. I ate one and then froze the rest. Two or three days later, I removed one of those thighs from the freezer to defrost in the fridge. The next day,  I removed the skin, shredded the meat, added some canned chicken gravy, and a few vegetables, and made an impromptu chicken pot pie. I could have added a crust. A section of Crescent rolls draped across the top of a bowl and popped into the oven for a bit, makes a very nice top crust on anything, savory or sweet.  But I didn’t have Crescent rolls on hand so I made some toast to have with the dish. In all, my meal that night was quick, easy, and delicious. God bless batch cooking.

And moving on to burritos:

Now, I’m expanding my focus. Lunch is a particular bugaboo for me. I’m tired of salads. Sometimes it seems they are all I ever have for lunch. So my mind, being the kind that tends to fixate on certain ideas, turned to batch cooking.

And what did I find? A McDonald’s breakfast burritos wannabe. And the recipe makes 10 burritos! Yay, a batch cooker’s dream come true. Seriously, I’m just as happy having this for lunch as for breakfast. I haven’t made them yet, but when I do, I will let you know what I think. View the recipe here. Wrap these in foil and warm in the oven.

Also, for those of you who don’t know how to roll burritos, here’s a link to help you with that, too.

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