Cooking Small Tonight

I’m back to individual meal prep tonight with an imitation crab meat dish. Okay, I confess, when it comes to seafood, I’m a dunce. But I’m a Midwesterner, I’ve seen the sea, maybe, all of three or four times in my life. So if you live nearer to those wonderous oceans, good for you!. In rhe meantime, imitation crab meat is okay with me, especially for a quick, inexpensive meal.

Actually even imitation crab meat is not cheap when you look at the cost per pound, but for a quick, light supper, it takes so little “meat” that the cost isn’t all that awful.

When I was younger, ages upon ages ago, I used to cook this meal differently. I used to heat my “crab” and broccoli separately. Now, I kinda cheat and combine the broccoli with the pasta, Plus, I’ve added pasta, ‘cause I’m not as noble as I once was.

So what am I cooking tonight, you ask? The answer is: quick, tasty crab pasta.

So I begin with filling a pan with water in which I boil bow tie pasta. Why bow tie? Because it’s cute and has more interesting lines than spaghetti or linguine, and I like it. It has some pretty good “tooth” as well.

When my pasta is about five minutes away from being cooked, I toss in some fresh broccoli florets and let them cook away, shamelessly entangled with the pasta.

Meanwhile, in a saute pan, I melt half a stick of butter, Into this heavenly goodness, I toss my imitation crab meat, letting  it bask in that wonderful buttery goodness on low heat. (I’m not attempting to saute it here,).

Then, shortly before the pasta and broccoli are done, I toss in a splash of lemon juice into the crab meat. That’s how much of a lowlife I am.

Afterwords, when the pasta and broccoli are done cooking, I drain the wonderful stuff and add it to the crab and butter combination, I end it off with a healthy pinch or two of dill weed before tossing the combination onto me plate and wolfing it down.

But this is not my only use of imitation crab meat this week. Earlier, I made a crab salad from the meat combined with chilled pasta, some Ranch dressing, Miracle Whip, peas, green onions, and celery salt. Have I mentioned celery salt? It is on the list of main ingredients in recipes for making you own Old Bay seasoning,

So maybe someday, my platter might look like this.

Untitled design (4)

But don’t hold your breath.

Now, when it comes to crab cakes, I don’t mess around. I use the real thing, albeit, canned.

Happy eating, my fellow solo diners.

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