Big Batching Chicken

Untitled design (9)Yes, rotisserie chicken is nice. It’s also convenient, but it doesn’t arrive with a complete meal attached. That’s where roasting chicken pieces with vegetables rules. It’s also easy. Toss chicken pieces into a baking dish, mix in your favorite vegetables, slide the dish into the oven, and an hour later dinner is done. The chicken can be a combination of pieces or it can be restricted to just breasts or thighs or drumsticks. An overview of how this dish is assembled is available here.

Bam: Dinner Done

With the chicken already cut into pieces, bagging it for the freezer is a breeze. Simply put in the chicken and chuck in a handful of the vegetables and mission accomplished, As I say, my goal is to cook once and eat several times from the dish.

I make the same kind of dish with Italian sausage. I place quartered potatoes and onions and carrots and green pepper slices on a roasting tray and cook the dish at 400 degrees for around 50 minutes. When finished I eat one serving and bag the rest for the freezer. When I want to eat it, I remove a bag the day before, place it in the refrigerator to defrost. Then, I wrap the defrosted meat and vegetables in a piece of aluminum foil, seal it shut and heat it up in my toaster oven.  Dead easy. The same method will work with the frozen packets of chicken and veggies, too.

I like variety, so I space me servings out over several days or even weeks. But there is another method of batch cooking that repeats the dish daily for the entire week. Instructions for this method are available hereWarning: This kind of cooking can be intense.

But with either cooking method, no special equipment is needed. What I do in a toaster oven could as easily be accomplished in the stove’s oven.  The only freezer I have is a small one that came with my fridge. It manages to hold enough freezer meals to give me both ease and variety.




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